with a Denon 3803 what sound level do you listen at?

ive got a denon 3803 receiver and listen to it at about -30 db on the volume, just wondering what level everybody else listens at?


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I have a Denon 3802 and with my speakers and their sensitivity of 90 dB and 91 db I listen to Sky at around -40 db ish. For CD replay through the limit its around -30 db and DVD's -35 to -20 db depending on the time and the disk. Some seem to be louder or quieter than others.


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I don't know if the AVR3802 is the same as the AVR3803 but my av receiver is usually set around -35 for general tv watching but wacked up to around -28 for movies:) I think it depends on how easy your speakers are driven though as when I replaced my B&W DM600 S3 speakers with my current linns (before adding integrated and power amp) I had to set the volume up about +5 to get the same DB level. (ie with the B&W's it was around -40 and -33 respectively)
I don't use my Avr3802 for music these days as I use my A75+/P80 combo front end for cd replay. :smashin:


-35 for sky+
-17 for dvd

you all got me thinking its not setup properly now;) ;) ;)


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Sky is -35 to -21
Dvd is -20 to -08
Music is -30 to -18 unless it is my cheap crappy record deck and then its -15 to -08 (must upgrade it one day).


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Well the only way anyone can really compare volume levels is if everyone has calibrated their receivers with an SPL meter at 75db (or 85db if using Avia) at 0.0

If everyone has done this then the comparisons make sense if not then its completely useless... :boring:

I listen to mine at:

NTL = -26 to -16
DVD = -20 to -15
CD = -30 to - 20

Another thing to consider is the volume level of the incoming signal, for example both my NTL box and Tivo have options to alter the volume level, I think my Tivo is currenly set at 0db, but is at +6db at default..

Ryan :smashin:


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Originally posted by rscott4563
Well the only way anyone can really compare volume levels is if everyone has calibrated their receivers with an SPL meter at 75db (or 85db if using Avia) at 0.0

If everyone has done this then the comparisons make sense if not then its completely useless... :boring:

Ryan :smashin:
Where would i stand then, as i have done both.
I set the 3803 up with the internal tones to 75db and then altered the DVD input levels with Avia and then the external inputs with Avia to 85db.
Come to think of it....i need to setup now with DVE as that does DTS (i think) and you can only alter the levels per sound format.
So at the mo i have PLII, DTS,Stereo Set to 75db and DD and external inputs set at 85db.
This is starting to confuse me......:zonked:


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Setting up at 75db with DVE or internal test tones will/should give the same settings as setting up to 85db with Avia, the difference is that Avia is mastered at a lower level by 10db and so this is why you have to set it to 85db.

How much did you need to change your channel levels when setting to 85db Avia compared to the internal test tones?

They should be the same, but there have been reports that some internal test tones aren't quite right on some receivers or at least differ slightly to some other sources of test tones such as DVE or Avia.


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(*setup with SPL and internal test at 75db)

DVD around -30, TV around -35/-40 I think.

Speakers are monitor audio S seriese (newer ones).

-40 and below is quite quiet, and the volume control as on remote goes FAST lol.


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I find quite a big difference between the internal test tone and Avia.
IIRC FL difference about -4db.(have to adjust up for avia)
Center about -2db.(same as above)
FR about -6db.(same as above)
RR about +5db.(have to adjust down for avia)
RL about +8db.(same as above)
Sub is norm OK.

So which is right.....?????.......i dont know so i do both.
I also find a difference between all 3.......Avia,DVE,Internal tones.
Maybe the Amp tones are good for PLII.
Avia for DD and DVE for DTS.

I hate this forum...;) .....before i found this place, i was happy to just set my old sony up by ear and that was that.
Now i have meters, test disks and am always sitting there wondering " What if ".


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I always first use the internal test tones and then Avia: ultimately the source of DVD material is the DVD player, not the amp, which is why Avia to me is the preferred option.

Like Chris, I also find some differences between the internal test tones and Avia.


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As I said "they should be the same" if everything is as it should be, but I suppose there are a lot of factors effecting it, such as how accurately the manufacturer sets the internal test tones, whether or not your source DVD, CD etc have differing output levels and how accurately the setup disc has been mastered...

I've only set mine up with the internal tones for now as I'm only using NTL as a source until I get my display issue resolved, but I will no doubt get round to trying DVE and Avia, it will be interesting to compare results.


trevor g

Personally I find turning it up till it hurts, then backing off two clicks does the trick..:devil: :devil:


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For movie watching that sounds about spot on, if I lived in a world without neigbours, as it is due to the awful level of sound proofing in my flat :mad: I have to keep it quiet, until I get round to buying that detached house of course, but even then for normal tv watching I think I'd have it quite a bit quieter than for dvds, I couldn't imagine an episode of Friends at 0.0db would be very comfortable!! :eek:

Ryan :smashin:

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