Wish me luck...Panasonic TX28PL1


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Firstly, hello to all, as this is my first post.

Started browsing this forum a week ago as finally taking the plunge and buying a widescreen TV. Read various reviews, and decided the Panny was the one for me. Came on here to find that it's been slated on more than one occasion. However, despite the posts, I've decided to go for it, and buy the Panny. Weighed up a JVC, and Phillips as well, but my local Comet store put me off these two. They told me not to bother with Phillips, and after checking their records, found that a number of JVC's had also been returned, but none of the PL1's sold recently have.

Finally made up my mind, as after trawling through numerous websites, and forums, discovered that two work colleagues have the PL4, and PL1, and neither have had any problems, nor can they fault the tv's.

Anyway, here goes, off to my local House of Fraser store at lunchtime to get the 5 yr cover thrown in for nowt.


Best of luck Midge.

I know what you mean about being aprehensive of buying anything new... browse forums long enough and you easily be able to convince yourself that EVERY TV on the market is a dog.


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Bugger, still not got the tv. Looks like a trip to the out of town John Lewis for me.

Tried buying it at lunchtime at Jolly's, where it is on sale for £599 with 5 yr cover. Mentioned the price in Dixons, John Lewis etc as they price match....no problem sir, you can have it for £499, but I must tell you you'll lose the 5yr cover if we sell it to you for that price!!

Salesman admitted they lose a large number of sales due to this, so wasn't at all surprised when I said I wouldn't be buying from them.


"Came on here to find that it's been slated on more than one occasion. "

Out of interest, where has this TV been slated? what exactly have been the criticisms of it? I have the 32" version of this TV and have found very little to complain about. My main complaint would be that there are only 2 scarts, but I can't fault the performance. So I am just curious as to what kind of criticisms it has received?


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If you do a search for tx28pl1 and set the search to 'from beginning', you'll find a number of posts. Main problem seemed to be with 3 lines showing while watching footie etc, plus a few other moans and groans.

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