Wish I remembered the brand/model of my old PC speakers


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HI All,
First time here and was hoping you could help. I used to have a pair of pc speakers (just left and right), as far as I can remember they were some no name generic cheapo speaker (possibly made by trust). I always connected my headphones and listened that way because I have multiple people who would be annoyed if I deafened them with loud speakers. Having said that, they were no slouch in pumping sound into my generic headphones either, I mean half way through turning the volume dial up i'd have to stop to let my ears adjust and then slowly continue to raise the volume. Its the sort of thing where when I took the headphones off and someone was in my room they could hear the song clearly through the headphones without wearing them.

Unfortunately I knocked them off my desk and they broke and like a fool, after I realised the internal pcbs were cracked I just chucked them. Didn't get the brand or model number or anything like that but i thought hey speakers are speakers ill just get a new set. Well that's a been an exercise in oh my god what's wrong with these. First I tried Trusts Mila as they looked similar to my old ones. Well I have to ask who makes a pair of speakers when headphones are connected the volume control on the speakers doesn't control volume in headphones. Seriously they don't, its in their FAQ (which I hadn't read before hand).

I then thought spend a little more and got some Logitech z200. The volume control does indeed control the headphone volume thankfully but even on full blast (with the weird tone button up full) there just not loud enough through the headphone. I checked, my pc volume, youtube volume, even tried switching from the front to rear audio jack and still the same and I know its not a problem with the headphones because the ones im using are the ones I used with my old speakers.

So im looking for a recommendation on new speakers, something that can deafen me through headphones if i turn the volume up too loud. Or if anyone can tell me what I used to have. The only clues I have are they looked similar to trust mila, i think the sticker on the back had a model number which had an s and a dash and some 4 digit number beginning with a 2 and a made for argos (yes I checked) wording. They had the on button headphone jack and volume control horizontally aligned instead of vertically. Also below is a picture of the front mesh from one of the speakers.

Thanks in advance for any help



Not worth investing too much in speakers since you use headphones most of the time. Recommend either Logitech or Creative. Second hand is worth considering from CeX, Facebook marketplace, gumtree, shpock, etc.

Something like this maybe?

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