Wisdom Teeth - How many of you have had to have them removed?

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Have you had your wisdom teeth out?

  • I had them all removed

    Votes: 15 25.0%
  • I had none out, they all fit fine/not all come through

    Votes: 22 36.7%
  • I had some, but not all out

    Votes: 23 38.3%

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Deleted member 585609

I am 18, and all 4 wisdom teeth are fully through now, they hurt when coming through, but are alright now, and all fit in perfectly!

My dentist has told me that most people have to have them out, I just wondered how true that was ....


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38yrs old. Haven't seen or felt any wisdom teeth :)


All 4 came through, I'm 53, My dentist reckons all my teeth will outlast me :laugh:


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35 and I have all but one left, The only reason one came out was due to a poorly aimed punch by my brother-in-law (he meant to hit a ball as we were mucking around in a park.....) I must say though it still lasted for 6 months before it had to finally come out.....


Am 40 and don't have any wisdom teeth, but there is no option that matches my case.


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34 and had to have all mine removed.

I had 38 teeth in my mouth and was meant to have 32 (34 normal and 8 wisdom).

The dentists found me a mystery as when I was in my teens I had 6 adult teeth out.... which all grew back.
I also had a second set of adult teeth grow and push some out.

It has been a pretty 'interesting' experience, since I grew 3 sets of teeth they took out the extra ones that were not straight and left the straight one's in.

When they took the 8 wisdom teeth out, it all had to be stiched up, some were growing the wrong way and fused to the jaw that had to be broke to get them out and I was on soup for a few months.

I was told that whilst still under I was calling out for my mate to help me, was asked not to smoke for at least two weeks but still had a fag on the way to the car whilst being held up by my mate that went with me as I left straight away instead of sitting down for the 15 minutes after.
I'm a stubborn bugger and a tall heavy man, so no one managed to hold me back.

Top tip, go back in time, make sure you NEVER chain eat boiled sweets almost all day every day and try not to grow more teeth than you should :D



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I believe all my wisdom teeth have come out. Had to have one removed as it broke up somewhat. Im 23.

Deleted member 585609

"I had none out, they all fit fine/not all come through" what's wrong with the not all come through bit?


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All mine impacted when I was 21. Woke up one morning and thought I must have had a fight night before on the lash; thought my jaw was broken.

Sanity made me seek an emergency dentist ; prescription for antibiotics dealt with the pain in about 2 hours from me first taking the tablets.

6 months later 2 day stay in hospital ; general anaesthetic , stitches out 2 weeks later, can't say I miss them.


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39 and partially exposed.

Now, about my teeth.......


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"I had none out, they all fit fine/not all come through" what's wrong with the not all come through bit?

I don't know. I guess I must've thought you were suggesting that some had come through but not all.

I wonder if ill ever get mine? I very much doubt it!


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40 here, and have 3 partially erupted / impacted wisdom teeth left. The 4th was removed at hospital last year.

I have a small jaw and a big mouth, lol. I had 8 baby teeth and 4 big teeth removed as a kid, but still no room for them all as an adult.

Wisdom teeth suck!


All removed over the course of a year in my early twenties (or was that late teens, too long ago) due to them giving me a load of pain.


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Had all mine out when I was 32. Three popped straight out & the impacted one came out in what seemed like a thousand pieces after two hours in the chair. At the end of which, while inserting enough stitches to make a quilt, the dentist informed the nurse that she was lucky to see this because it's normally done in hospital!

He then handed me a prescription for painkillers & in the understatement of the 20th century said "It may be a little sore when the anaesthetic wears off".


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I had 4 teeth out at the back, one from each corner to make room for the others when I was a teen.

Maybe that's about the time I lost my wisdom.


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Have all 4, but should really have them removed.

They cause me pain sometimes, often days at a time.

Years and years ago, i worked with guy who had his lower wisdom teeth removed, and they had to break his jaw to get them out :eek: and that has put me off having mine removed.


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I had all four until I came to Australia and on my first dentist appointment here they told me I had to have all four out as they were putting pressure on my other teeth due to lack of space in my mouth.

Amazingly after me thinking they never gave me any issues and it was a bit of a money making scam my persistent migraines which I had had for a few years suddenly disappeared, I can also clean my teeth a lot easier than I could before.

Had them all out under local too, that was interesting especially when one of them took over an hour to get out...

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