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I am currently considering moving from "high-end" stereo + "low-end" home cinema electronics to a single solution such as the Datasat RS20i and down the line am also considering to change my speakers to an on-wall solution.

While I am educating myself about a few options, one that is interesting me is a combination of Wisdom Audio + Datasat electronics.

I am therefore interested to learn more about peoples experience using the new Datasat RS20i processor as an active crossover for speaker packages, in particular the Wisdom Audio sage speakers.

Maybe stuart could comment as I know from his build thread, that he used Datasat with ADA amps to drive Wisdom Audio speakers without using the Wisdom Audio crossover. I also read that at ISE a full Datasat set was used to drive Wisdom speakers and they presented themselves as collaborating.

I would be interested in anybody's experiences with this combination, i.e. does it work well, i.e. better then using their standard system controller/Audyssey crossover?

If anybody has done it, is it "easy" to configure the electronic crossover of a 3rd party solution like the datasat? I would assume if one has the frequencies and type of crossover slopes, etc. required one can input it quite simply?

Also I would be interested in any owner experiences with the Wisdom Audio sage series? I listened to them once under show conditions but it allowed no real comparison or reference.

All dealers say they are very high tech and very good but I have not heard from many owners. I also heard one negative feedback, that the larger speakers (l75 and up) are difficult to integrate in terms of the 2 different types of drivers (woofers and planar section) used and that the audyssey crossover does not do a good job on that.

While this is quite a specific topic I would appreciate input form any owners with experience in these components or people who had a demo and decided either way.

Stuart Wright

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Patrick the AVForums home cinema was specified by Neil Davidson, formerly of Genesis Technologies. He gave us several options and we picked the one which suited our budget.
So our particular configuration is appropriate for our installation and our budget.
We trusted his judgement as a professional that this particular specification would make for a fantastic home cinema.
Neil calibrated the audio using all the necessary equipment, so I can't comment on how difficult it was to set it up because I didn't do it. I couldn't. I'm more of a custom installation customer in this scenario.
You're asking for my opinion of our setup compared to others. It's the best by a mile. It sounds totally fantastic and you're welcome to come have a listen.
Other setups we've had were DIY jobs where I chose the equipment and are detailed on my website Stuart Wright's home cinema


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I'm sure you know that out demo facility has a full 15.4 wisdom and RS20i setup and is comfortably the best sounding setup for a home cinema that anything like a sensible budget could achieve.
It is not a straightforward setup but I wouldn't say it's difficult. I also know that the only system outside of Wisdom audio themselves that has all the required filters and speaker specific eq setup inside the RS20i in the UK is our demo room as those features became available on an RS20i last year, in testing Id say it is as good as using wisdoms SC1 as our unit has the same info for crossover and eq as is preprogrammed into the SC1.
Wether you use Dirac or audyessy is a moot point as we do it the old fashioned manual way and those that hear it are not disappointed :)
In short yes the RS20i is more than capable of setting up a sage series install assuming you have enough output channels to cover the speaker requirements. Enjoy!

Rob Sinden

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I have done a basic installation on a Datsat/MK 7.4.6 Cinema in Cyprus and heard the Datasat in 4 different systems, set up by the manufacturer and the results have varied from great to truly mediocre. The first couple of times I heard the Datasat was at the ISE show and the systems simply sounded like good quality commercial cinemas rather than something that could be described as high fidelity.

As ever I think you need to hear as many systems as possible before committing to anything.


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Whilst an interesting missive and of course people should listen before committing to a system choice, the query was regarding wisdom sage series and an RS20i and that combination setup properly (as anything should always be IMHO) it is very very good indeed, way better high fidelity than any commercial cinema really and so it should taking budgets into account. The choice of speakers has a big impact on the end result as we all know and setup specific to the chosen speaker in conjunction with the room acoustic and surround system required is a requirement and not an option.
I've come across dozens of different speaker manufacturers with all sorts of SSP's over countless years and they can all sound very good and the RS20i has the ability to setup correctly just about anything that is thrown at it with a bit of effort. As for show demo's, it is rarely something you can judge with any decisive collusion as all show setups are limited by the time and construction of the venue etc as we all know only too well. However, Wisdom are usually reported as having the best sounding system at these shows (CES, CEDIA, ISE etc) and their efforts with Datasat are certainly making large improvements at every stage.
Nothing in the AV game stays still but the very long answer to the simple question in summary is that Wisdom Audio and an RS20i is working very very well and the customer can be assured of excellent results with that combo, my only advice is to get it set up correctly as we
Both know it makes quite a difference to the end result.
No ace to grind as I've tens of years e(some rather longer) experience. With M&k, Genelec, PMC, Wisdom Audio, Pro Audio Technology, JBL, B&W etc etc.
And would happily use any of them with an RS20i depending on install and budget. It just gets better and better now we have some powerful and flexible units at our disposal :)
Above all else, enjoy !!!!

Rob Sinden

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I think one of the biggest challenges you will run into if you are looking for an on wall systems that is superb for stereo is the depth of soundstage the speakers create.

The standard for surround sound that most people are used to isn’t that high so a system that is marginally better than a commercial cinema will usually tick all the right boxes. If you are coming from a high end stereo system however you might miss the 3 dimensionality of the soundstage.

Lots of people I’ve dealt with have commented that while detailed and dynamic they find most home cinema systems lacking the depth of soundstage they have been used to. This is something I think you need to look at carefully with any systems you audition....


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Well as a 35 year professional, I doubt anyone will object to a wisdom audio soundstage being more then anyone reasonably expects. Sure lesser systems may be more "cinema" than "stereo" but then that depends on what the client brief is :) after all a good Hifi speaker that is great as a two channel setup set maybe 3ft into a room with one sweet spot may not make a good cinema system either....
But as we have both worked in this game for more years than I can remember, I think this thread has gone off topic so getting back to the plot, the chap will get a great system with his choice of Wisdom sage series and an RS20i no question at all regardless of what he plays through it :) putting the items in the right places is for the client or his dealer to decide and naturally manufacturer support is but a call to me away :) :)
As my old boss used to say, we don't have challenges, only solutions lol....


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As you know, it would break forum rules to do business without the appropriate assured advertiser status. However the easiest way for everyone to read about, see the kit, and our contact details is to simply get a copy of July's Home Cinema Choice magazine and read all about the facility. Of course, demo rooms never stand still and it is currently undergoing a major upgrade both in speakers amps and screen.
Any enquires will be answered and appointments taken as required.
I am sure you have already read the articles in Essential Install and Inside CI so hopefully that will answer the questions. :)

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