wirless g router problems

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i might be able to answer my own questions just by looking at the price of this thing... but for now il just try to get it working:D

i have the belkin wireless g router F5D7230-4

i have set up the router with the cd so that i can use the security, and the wifi does fine for the iphone installer...

BUT when using it it very often looses wifi connection, when im within 5 feet
and when downloading to the iphone it stops downloading half way through and i have to start it again,

i also use the wired connections on it too and it still stops downloading half way...eg if i click on a youtube video to stream it will do half, and i have to refresh to get it to do it again...

i know its a cheap router but no matter how cheap i expect it to do just the basic job, so is there something i can do to sort these problems

to add xbox live is soooo laggy over belkin wired too, compared to my dedicated d-link blade....which sadly has no wifi



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Try changing the wireless channel - from the Router's setup pages, modify the wireless channel, and then check the signal level on your wireless device - possibly from a reasonable distance away - select the one that is best (you may have conflicting wireless signals from neighbours etc.)

Hope this helps, let us know how you get on

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