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My bother bought the sis-in-law a Toshiba NB250 netbook running Win7 basic for Christmas, me being the family 'techie' ha, got the job of installing AV software, thunderbird email server, firefox and openoffice.org. All done at my own house, jobs a goodun.

Last thing to do was connect to the brothers wireless router, a Thomson 585 (We both use PlusNet as an ISP) Found the wireless network, entered the key and failed to connect. After this happened the router shut down and restarted, tried several times with the same outcome, i.e failed connection and a router that restarts! Gave up as the sis-in-law was due home and this is a Christmas morning surprise present.

The netbook has successfully connected to a Belkin, BT Voyager and Netgear routers. The netgear is an ex-Sky locked down model on which I installed Netgear original firmware to unlock it, Sky was the brothers ISP before he moved to PlusNet.

So I went back and had a second go, my own laptop successfully connected to the Thomson, I tried changing the SSID and security code to something different. Laptop still connected, netbook did not and caused the router to restart again.

At that stage I was fed up, I installed the ex-Sky Netgear in their house and connected the netbook to it. Its now boxed and wrapped for Christmas morning.

Anyone got any ideas what could be the problem between the netbook and that router? Don't really need a solution as I've a couple of spare routers in drawers but its bugging me that I couldn't get it to work.
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