Question Wiring up a Victorian House with Modern Ethernet

Discussion in 'Networking & NAS' started by Mosko, Jul 19, 2015.

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    Wiring up a Victorian House with Modern Ethernet

    Hi guys

    Would really appreciate some help with a project I am intending to undertake. We just purchased a five bed Victorian terraced house, over three floors, about 200sq m internal floorspace. House is in good condition but doesn't have very modern wiring, and I wanted to get the whole thing networked. We shall probably be changing some flooring etc, so don't mind getting someone to take up boards and drill through ceilings to wire it properly. Any idea of costings of the below would be useful.

    I was hoping to describe what I wanted to achieve, and perhaps get some recommendations on how to do it properly, eg. what cables to install and so on. I don't want to waste money but am not too cost sensitive -- i.e. would probably prefer a better solution even if a bit more expensive.

    I want to have fibre optic internet and then distribute this over an ethernet LAN at high speed. Is Cat 7a cabling the best one for this? I can then put wifi extenders in various rooms for mobile devices, as well as allowing wired ethernet devices. I need a router for the fibre optic. Do I need another router for an ethernet LAN hub? How do they link together?

    I would want to create a server to save media files and other documents. I guess a NAS RAID server? What spec is sensible?

    I want to have TV's in many rooms and be able to easily play media (eg from the server, but also from any other networked computer). I saw there is ChromeCast and WDTV as two potential solutions. Any other ideas? Could I have a small computer (say a cheap laptop) connected by HDMI to each TV, and a wireless keyboard and air mouse to control it from bed/sofa? The laptop could just play the media files onto the TV. What is the best / most flexible solution? Would these solutions work if I decided to get a passive 3D TV? Ideally would want to be able to do everything on the computer on the TV, i.e. basically send the entire screen without lag. I understand ChromeCast maybe doesn't do that perfectly, and WDTV only does media files, hence why i was thinking of cheap laptops.

    I'd like to access internet and DAB digital radio in all the rooms. Is SONOS the best way to do this? Would this connect also to a media library on the NAS? Would this allow people to listen to different music/radio/whatever in every room?

    I'd like to have ceiling speakers in most rooms, including bathrooms. Perhaps a full home cinema surround sound set up in living room. Presumably this is simple to wire into the rest of the network?

    We might want to get Sky HD and potentially some other satellite TV (my wife might want some Spanish and Russian channels). What's the best way to integrate these into the above network? E.g. if we have satellite TV, could she choose the program to watch from any room in the house, or just in a single room? I don't want to send TV signals round on a coax network as the quality is poor. Do I need HDMI over ethernet?

    More importantly, how does sky work? I would want to be able to: watch different programs in different rooms, record a program and then choose to watch it in any room (controlling this from the room I am watching the TV). Record and watch different things at once. I know that multiple LNB feeds and sky multiroom / multiscreen and sky go might solve these issues, but I don't fully understand the pros and cons of sky's different offerings. One thing I don't want to waste money on is monthly subscriptions for more channel options than we need.

    Also, is it easy to watch a different standard freeview channel in any room of the house?

    We would like to be able to answer the phone in any room. Would this just require a network of regular phone sockets? Would also want an "intercom" system where you could call from one room in the house to any other room. Would this work best through the phones, or over the network?

    We would want to set up a doorbell to be able to ring in more than one room (with an option to mute it by room), so we can hear the door from all over the house. Also , would want to have a phone/video feed from each room to the front door so we can talk to/see the person before coming down to open the door. also, potentially a CCTV security system. Would this work best over the network as well?

    Really appreciate any help people are able to provide. Apologies for such a long post!
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