Question Wiring Two Amps to One Sub Woofer


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I have an AVR wired to my Monitor Audio Mass W200 subwoofer via its LFE inout for home cinema use.
I have just bought a Cambridge CXA6o stereo amp and a pair of MA Bronze 5 Floor standing speakers purely for stereo music.

My subwoofer also has a pair of phono sockets which i can plug in from the CXA60's pre-out.

A few Questions:

1. If i connect both amps at the same time will this affect any of the equipment ?
I would bever intentionally use both amps at the same time, although they could be switched on at the same time accidentlly. Both amps will always be in standby mode but the sub is switched on direct from the mains by remote and is not 'auto triggered'.

2. What crossover would i set the sub too when using the MA Bronze 5s? 80Hz?

3. Would I still get full range from the MA 5s as there is no bass management on the CXA60?


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Good question...

No the floorstanders seem fine as far as bass goes, i'm still breaking them in.

Was just curious because it was an option and it may sound too overbearing. Haven't tried it yet.

Incindentally FTR, I have since contacted MA and said this set up will be fine although when switching betweem amps the sub will have to be powered down and back up again as each input locks to the source until powered off.


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The LFE inputs and stereo phonos combine or "sum" the inputs, so plugging in one to each amplifier would be absolutely fine. I would not use a Y connector or similar to double up the inputs however.

The potential issue could be a hum loop, but that's unlikely.

MA are talking rubbish about the sub "locking" onto an input. It will work from both at the same time without issue. It would sound very odd, but wouldn't damage anything.

I find that a sub adds a little extra weight to the music and correctly tuned won't be a distraction. The issue you might have is tuning it to be musical from one amp and hard hitting for movies from the other! I suggest you set up the musical side first and then adjust the input level from the AVR to give you a little more punch with movies.
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