Wiring tlc rope lights to mains dimmer


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I want to install some TLC rope lights and hopefully wire them to the light circuit.

I realise that this is possible if I cut the plug off but get a bit stuck from there. I'm hoping to change an existing light switch into a double so that the rope lights have their own switch and the main light in the room is still controlled separately.

Would it be possible to wire the rope lights this way and if so, which wire goes where?

Thanks in advance.


Your existing switch will probably have a Live wire.Link this over to your new switch. The other switch terminal connects to any of the 2 wires on the ropelight. The other ropelight wire goes to neutral, but neutral (blue) may not be available behind your existing switch. Pls take care


You need to find a neutral.Unfortunately, it tends to be at the load end (ie the ceiling rose for a lighting circuit). May be easier to tap into the ring mains.
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