wiring speakers to bridged 4-channel amp

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    I need a little help to make sure I don't screw things up with my amp/speakers. The install is going in my wakeboard boat to the tower speakers. The amp I have is rated for 4 channel, 2-4 ohms (500w)and bridged 4-8 ohms (1000w). The wiring to the four tower speakers is tight and long. The distance to the furthest speaker is almost 25ft. It is because of this distance that I have chosen to use a heavy guage wire, 12ga. The space allowed will only allow me to run two pair of wires instead of four. This is why I plan to bridge the speaker output. It would seem that I should wire the tower speakers in series to reduce the chance of hurting the amp.

    Does anyone have any suggestions and or comments to help me?

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