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Hi, I have just purchased a Samsung Q7F55AN tv to go with my Virgin v6 box and Marantz NR1504 amp.

I have got it all working but not sure I have wired it the best way. Currently the v6 is wired to cbl/sat HDMI on the amp and the Connect One on the arc HDMI. The installer guy said I should wire everything to the Connect One box and the amp to it by optical cable and switch the amp to digital, I have no clue if that is sensible or how to do it, and have failed to find any wiring suggestions online

I am hoping someone that understands these things can assist with a simple wire this to that etc and what settings on the amp. Currently I can watch virgin tv but have opportunity to use any of the tv functionality

Apologies for being a bit dim

Many thanks in advance



The installer is giving the right information. You can connect the Virgin box directly the Connect box on the TV. The receiver is then connected to the appropriate ARC enabled HDMI on the TV and all the audio is relayed back to the receiver by the audio return channel, no need for an additional optical cable.

However, I don't like ARC. With my Panasonic and Denon receiver it has proved to be a pain in the arse. You can still connect the Virgin box to the receiver as you are used to doing and then the receiver by HDMI to the TV connect box. If you are doing that already then there is no need to complicate things.


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Personally I would keep it as you have it as ARC will only be used if using the TV's inbuilt Apps & I have never had an issue with Denon & Samsung or Panasonic TV's this way.

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