wiring question - 5.1 pc setup used on tv


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Hi everyone.

to get me through the xmas and until the new year (when I get a new home cinema setup) I'm wanting to wire up my Cambridge Soundworks 5.1 speaker set with my tv

I've hit problems and it may or may not be straight forward.

The leads are suitable for use on a PC card and has 1 x green, 1 x black and 1 x orange cable. on the back of the sub they read as green-front, black-rear and orange-centre& sub.

I've checked out my tv and can only see the usual red and white outputs.

I may be being thick so forgive the ignorance, but can this be done?

Thanks in advance, Kevin


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Try a 3.5mm jack to phono plug... On one end is the plug for your Cambridge system and on the other the red and white RCA/phono plugs for your TV. Use a cheap cable and give it a try, if it works get a better cable


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The problem you have is that the speaker system you have needs the item it is connected too (the PC) to decode the 5.1 audio and then send it to the relevant channels. The system then amplifies the signal and sends it to the speakers for 5.1. Your TV does not decode surround sound and does not have multi channel output. It only has a stereo output. So you either end up with only 2 speakers working or you have to split the signal and send it to all speakers which would not work well. There is no real way to connect your speakers to your TV. I feel your best option is either buy the AV reciever/speakers before xmas or just use the TV speakers until after xmas.


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As the previous poster said you'd only get stereo from your TV if anything at all. A temporary thing would be to get a cheap amp and speakers to use with your TV or the AV amp and such earlier than Christmas...

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