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Does anyone know how difficult / expensive it would be to wire a portable DVD player (Venturer 166?) sound output into the speakers of a VW Passatt. My 3 kids watch in the back of the car (making headphones a bit impractical) and the DVD speakers are (as always) a bit weedy.

Being an absolute novice at ICE installation, I assume it is not merely a question of getting an extension cable and plugging jacks in, but how tricky is it to do ?

Many thanks to anyone who can help / point me in the right direction.


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not the answer your after, :clown: but how about a three way audio jack splitter to allow three headphones.
failing that does the Passatt stereo have a tape player?
if so, get one of the cd player kits that has a fake tape player that you connect to the audio jack
if not, pop the sterio out, see if their is an input into the back
:blush: or i may just be talking twaddle :blush:


Thanks Peajay.

Two of the kids are aged 5 and 2, hence suggesting they sit still without strangling themselves on the headphone wires is a bit tricky.

Could you elaborate on the fake cassette bit - I do have a combined CD/ cassette player in the car, but I am not familiar with the kit you mention. Would you have a link to an example ?

Thanks again


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I have used mine successfully with an FM modulator. Got one off Ebay for not much and works a treat, even if not the end in sonic performance.

Best thing for the kids though is that there are no wires to unplug or disturb you driving. The modulator could be hidden in the case, or even tape it to the bottom!

Do a search for one, they may be not strictly legal to use in this country but that hasn't stopped a majority trying!

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