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Adam Seed

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Hi all,

I wanted to get some feedback on wiring for a house. Lets say you have a new house and you have the option wire it up as you please.

Ideally I would like, in each room:
  • Network
  • Free view
  • Central HDMI from main cable box
My current thinking is I would have a central distribution area which would contain a network switch, HDMI splitter and a arial distribution box. I would then run each cable to a modular wall panel and wire it in.

Does anyone recommended HDM Splitters and/or arial distribution boxes? Im working on a max of 8 rooms

Can anyone think of anything else that would be good to include? I read about using fiber optics for networking but looks like its not quite there yet for residential properties.
I also thought about audio but I use sonos.


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Telephone/ speaker's and additional cabling for remote control of audio/HDMI switching. Have a look in the home cinema build thread too, they have some fairly complex wiring setups too. Over engineer as you will probably only do it once.
Run Coax to each room for Freeview
Run Speaker wires for rooms that you may want audio in
Then everything else can be done by Cat6 9run at least three to each room) and 4or 5 to main rooms, I'd avoid running HDMI cables between rooms use a HDMi OverCat6 matrix or HDMI over Cat6 SPlitter. This way it can also carry the IR signal

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