Wiring of In-Wall Volume Control - SpeakerCraft - 3 Zones


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I have a home that was built in the late 90's, and has builtin speakers that I'm having trouble getting to work.

They are SpeakerCraft builtin speakers in 3 separate rooms.

Each room has a In-Wall volume control knob.

I've looked over the entire house and I can't find ANY bundles of speaker wire.

The closest i was able to find were 2 outlet covers that contained a pair of wires (Red and Black)

Both outlets were not directly next to each other, but in close proximity. (where "media area" would be)

I have a Denon 2 Zone receiver, and i configured Zone 2 to output on the builtin amp.

When i hook up a standalone "test" speaker on the Zone 2 outputs, i hear correct audio. (just as a test)

When i hooked up the 1 pair of red/black to the Zone 2 L output, i get no audio on any of the 3 zones.

Ive toned both sets of red/black wire and doesn't seem to go back to the volume control knobs, or any of the speakers, in any of the rooms.

Ive done "some" research on the SpeakerCrafts and they all seem to want the standard two-wire setup.

I would imagine there would have to be a bundle of speaker wire somewhere for 6 speakers in total?

I then thought maybe there was some type of impedance issue, so i got a 4 port selector switch (again as a test)

I hooked up a pair of red/black wires to the output of Switch, and the input from the Denon Zone 2

Even with the switch, all 3 zones were silent.

Does anybody have any experience with this setup? (I attached a bunch of pictures below)

I think my main issue is that i cant find where the wires are for these things.

Any ideas are welcomed!



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I think the first question is who fitted a beige knob into a white plate...

Yes, I agree that unless the system is 100v/ 70v line you should have pairs of cables to each speaker system. Is there a basement, closet or loft space where perhaps there was an AV rack at some point? Maybe the other cables were for a sub that was never fitted?

I assume you cannot talk to the previous occupants and get more information?


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There is attic crawl space that spans the length of the house, but not much head room. Ive been delaying having to trace the cables going from an upstairs volume control

I have to think those 2 separate outlets having 1 pair of wire each are part of the audio, but again, when toning it out, the two outlets are not connected together, and no tones emit from any of the volume controls or speakers.

I know im gonna have to resort to planking my way across the roof crawl space, but wanted to know what those 2 sets of red/black wires are for.

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