Wiring Marty sub to inuke amp . Using phono cable ?


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Hi all

just got my mini Marty sub box with Dayton Audio ultimax sub and inuke amp on way

My question is the single phono for the sub goes under the floor from my av cupboard to the sub location 16ft away . How do I connect the sub to the amp as will be so hard to run speaker cable instead .


Put inuke amp under the sofa next to sub .

Use the phono cable and wire up as is with adaptor ends ?

there are no connections mounted on sub as yet

Many thanks


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The inputs on an inuke would need an xlr connector. When I used an inuke I had phono to xlr cable from my receiver to the inuke. If you already have a long phono cable to your sub location you could use a phono connector to join on a phono to xlr cable to the input on the inuke. The inuke could be located under your sofa, you will probably need a quieter fan to make it bearable. You will also need Speakon connectors to wire your sub speaker cable to the inuke output


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Thank you Unreel

Would you think
It would be ok under the sofa and will I be able to hear it . How much ventilation will need to operate

may be able to run cables out though wall into the garage locate the amp in there and then run cables back possibly .

what cables do people use for this . Speaker gauge etc and how best to run the inuke mono or both outputs to sub .
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