wiring help for an RJ45 socket


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Hi Fellas

need some help punching in t he wires to a network socket.
I am using the cat5 cable to pipe round audio visual signals aroun the house.
The cable comes twisted and i was wondering if i need to untwistr them for the socket???
It has an "A" and a "B" configuration on the socket on one side it looks like this

1. A green/white B orange /white
2. A green B orange
5. A blue/white B blue/white
4. A Blue B blue

And on the other side

6. A orange B green
3. A orange/white B green/white
8. A brown B brown
7. A brown/white B brown/white

Now obviously this is more sockets than can be filled with 4 twisted pairs....Do I untwist them?
Any help appreiated.



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You have to untwist to connect them but keep the untisted length as short a possible. ie retain the twists as much as possible. You should only need to untwist about an inch.

Also, you should only use either A or B, not both (nor a mixture of one or other).

Final thing, colour coding goes like this

Green/White = primary green cable with small bands of white
White/Green = primary white cable with small bands of green

likewise for all other colours.


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cheers bud. It worked a treat :)

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