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Does anyone have any useful tips on how to run cabling (AV, speaker and Ethernet cabling) between rooms?

Is it easier/better to run cabling under floorboards, or up the walls and across ceilings? How can you then pick up the cable ends and run them through into the next room? I didn't really want to start tearing up floorboards upstairs as I have carpets, fitted wardrobes etc.

Are there any specialist tools required that will help?


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From my experience i would go up and through the ceiling as i personally found that easier, but i suppose it depends on the location your going to and from and also the size and quantity of cables that you are going to run.


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It's completely dependant on the specific circumstances really, I've found.

Ground floors with floorboards are usually pretty straightforward if you can lift the carpet in a corner. You can then cut the boards and make a hole in effect, then thread the cable through to where it needs to be - with another hole cut out. The best way is to use cable pulling rods - have a look at Screwfix for example - thin glass fibre rods (like thin drain rods) that screw together. These can be shoved through, then tape your cable to the end, and pull back. If you stick your head through, you can usually see openings in supporting walls between rooms that allows you to get between, as well.

Upstairs is different again - this time it depends on the way the joists run as to whether it's easy to run cable under the floorboards. If they are across your path then it's a pain as you need to drill a hole through each joist.

Going up and into the loft is again obviously a way. It's fairly simple if you have stud partition walls, but there will be noggins horizontally in the walls. You can break the plaster locally at these pints, notch the noggin, then make good the plaster.

Hope tha helps,


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Nuts to Precision i just hacked away at the walls and floors, then paid some one to plaster :thumbsup: Now that has to be a Winner. :clap:

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