Wiring an REL Stata II

Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by bobones, Jan 15, 2002.

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    Jan 15, 2002
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    What's the best way to connect an REL Strata II sub to my amp (Pioneer A400) and processor (Yamaha E800)?

    I used to only use the XLR input wired to my Pioneer's speaker terminals, but since recently buying a 5.1 processor, I've also connected via splitter phonos to the processor's sub out. Is this the best way to go, or should I do something else? My processor has main speakers (Dynaudio Audience 50s) set to "large" and bass out to "both".

    Also, any ideas how to calibrate the sub wrt the processor, as there are no test tones? Currently have fine and course switches set at 1 notch up and gain set very low (about 8 o'clock).

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