Wiring advice needed urgently!


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Hi all, this may be a daft question...but I'll ask it anyway!

I am about to borrow some speakers to hook up to my amp temporarily (long story!) but I seem to recall that they are the type that are hard wired in at the back of the speaker i.e. there are no binding posts or spring clips etc

The other end of the wires are apparently bare but how do I know which of the black and red terminals to attach them to???

Any help gratefully received.

Peter Galbavy

One side of the cable will have a coloured strip on it. If the cable is black then the strip is typically white. As long as both speakers are wired the same it doesn't matter which lead is signal or ground.


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Or if (like mine) the cabling is all white then one side will have a ridge down the side of it


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As Peter said, it doesn't really matter, so long as your consistant on both left and right speakers. If your not, its not damaging bad, but it'll sound crap as each speaker is producing a sound out of phase with the other, thus making the left and right signals interfere with one another in a very negative manner.


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Perfect, thanks for all your replies it helps me out a lot!

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