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As the title says, I'd be very grateful for some concise advice on wiring/cabling for first fix electrics that will be going in to our garden office/AV built in about a week.

I have atm a hifi separates audio only set up with Audiolab amps feeding two Monitor audio floorstanders.

Ultimately, I intend to add a flat screen TV and surround sound amp etc.

My priority right now is to get the cabling in the walls with everything I need to future proof (hopefully) for the next 5-10 years.

One of the main quandries is whether to still in speaker cable to feed a 5.1 system or whether to provide for anything more. I should point out that the space if principally going to be used as an office - the AV side is a sideline albeit one I am serious about without spending stupid sums of money down the line.

So, do I wire for 5.1 only?

Also, I have been told I can keep my floorstanders wired to my Audiolabs and connect my 8000S via "Pre - pwer AV" mode I think to a future surround sound processor and run the other speakers from the surround sound box? I am pretty clear that the connection from the 8000S to surround sound processor is simply via 2 phono leads but be good to get this confirmed.

Subwoofer connection to surround sound processor - I have been told this is typically via coaxial?

I have more questions but be great to get some feedback on these to start the ball rolling.

Thanks in advance

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