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Wiring ADSL Adaptor for BT NTE5


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I have installed one of these Modified ADSL Adaptor for BT NTE5 at the main socket into the house and taken a CAT5 cable from it into a patch panel in the loft.

For the phone extensions I have these going into a port in the patch panel which are then wired in series to 3 other ports so I can patch up to 4 telephone extensions anywhere there is a RJ45 socket in the house. That works fine with a RJ45 to BT socket adapter for phones.

What I'm unsure of is how to connect the unfiltered terminals labelled A & B for the ADSL connection. I want to be able to have this as a port on the patch panel so I can also patch it into the router wherever in the house. I've used a spare pair on the CAT5 from the NTES socket to the patch panel but unsure which pins these should be connected to, I think 4&5? If so am I right in thinking I can then just plug the RJ11 ADSL cable into the RJ45 port and into the router?


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In my house I put a 4 module Cat5e data plate next to my incoming master sockets (I've got 3 lines, 1 with ADSL using the same NTE5 plate as you have bought). I have only used the front plate connections using BT-RJ45 cables for the voice lines and a RJ11-RJ45 cable for ADSL. At the patch panel where my ADSL router lives I have another RJ45-RJ11 cable. The RJ11-RJ45 cables only have 2 wires connected at either end, in both plugs the wires are connected to the centre terminals. I guess that is 4 & 5 on the RJ45 plug & 3 & 4 on the RJ11.

So using terminals A&B and the RJ11 cable at the patch panel should work fine as long as you get the right terminals when you punch down at the back of the patch panel.

Hope this helps :thumbsup:

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