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Wiring a telephone socket

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This must have come up before, but I can't find it if it has.

Downstairs, I have a socket running along skirting board from the main incoming box, which was done before we moved into the house. There is an extension cable running into the bedroom upstairs.
I've just come back from holiday, and neither phone now rings when a call comes in. The upstairs phone shows the caller's number, but no ringing. The downstairs one is dead. Upstairs can ring out, and can answer calls coming in (if you notice the display).
My router for broadband was plugged in downstairs, but stopped working at the same time as the phone stopped working correctly. If I plug it in upstairs, it works fine.
The telephone socket upstairs has 6 wires inside, all connected firmly. The downstairs one has 4 wires -blue, green, orange, and brown- and 6 terminals. All but the brown one have had some of their plastic sleeve removed. But as I opened it to have a look inside, all the connected wires came off and I don't know how to reconnect them.

Any ideas?:confused:


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Before ripping your wiring apart, I suggest contacting your telephone provider and asking them to test the line.

Last year I had a spate of strange occurrences like you describe and each time it turned out to be a problem with my line configuration at the exchange.

Basically, if the line was working and you haven't changed anything, then it might be your wiring but probably not.



Miss Chief

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Does your master socket look like This? If it does, remove the bottom faceplate and plug a phone, ideally a corded one into the test socket on the right hand side, then do all your incoming and outgoing checks. You phone provider should ask you to do all this as well anyway. if you still can't make and receive incoming calls correctly phone your provider and get them to test the line.

If your master socket doesn't look like that, don't take it off the wall. Remove all devices from the phone points around the house and plug a phone, and only a phone into the socket. no double adaptors, no splitters, no microfilters, just the telephone. Again do your checks. if you again can't make or receive calls, call your provider and get them to test the line.

Deleted member 36193

Thanks for the replies all.
Looks like I'll have to get the provider involved.

nheather-good advice. I just want to put the wires how they should be first to see if that sorts it.

Miss Chief-where the wires come into the house there's just a blank faceplate with all the wires stuffed behind it. looks like a bodge job, but we've been in the house 11 years and it's been like that ever since we moved in.

Crocodile-I found this diagram, and some others. But none match the colours of the wiring used in the extension socket which doesn't work.


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Just copy the wiring layout from one of the upstairs sockets.

If you don't have a krone tool then I've got away with using an old credit card to push the wires into place.

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