Wiring a Shelly Dimmer2 into my existing 3-way kitchen circuit


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I've searched the forum and online. I didn't find an example like my kitchen lighting (or didn't understand it the same, anyway).
Wondering how I'd wire a Shelly Dimmer2 into this circuit, keeping the two physical light switches able to turn off the light, as well as using Home Assistant.

Pictures are attached.
The first picture is my existing wiring. The second is my "guess" how to connect the Shelly Dimmer2.

Thoughts? Before I burn the house down?

These are the newer "Neutral wire not required" type of dimmers. Might that come into play for me?


3-way light wiring.jpgWiring-Question1.jpg

Seb Briggs

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My advice is pay £50-100 for an electrician to do it right for you , you are using a £20 module so just bite the bullet and make it work

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