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Hmm, seems M$ are a bit late to the party here. This is what people have been doing with other brand ethernet bridges for well over 12 months. Not sure how this is news.

"Add your Xbox video game console to your high-speed wireless network with the Xbox Wireless Adapter. Play games on any TV in your home … without wires and with the assurance of the leading wireless security."

Somebody like to comment on how it allows you to play games on any TV in your home. How many TVs in the UK have a network connnection? None AFAIK. Maybe in the US (?) which means this is quite stale info here.

Am I missing something?


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Yeah, I know what it does, I use 2 Linksys equivelent ones on my network. But why the comment on the M$ site "Play games on any TV in your home ". You don't need this box to play Xbox games on any TV in your house. Surely they should have said to play Xbox Live games on any TV in the house or something similar. i.e. make the point about live. It's very misleading.


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m$ misleading as usual,i initially thought i could just plug my xbox into my phone socket to play xbl!!

looks easy in the adverts.


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I think it simply means that you can connect your X-Box to any TV and play on live. I guess without wireless you would either have to play on a TV near your Broadband modem/set top box etc or have a sod off long wire that can reach all rooms you have a TV in. It is a bit missleading though.

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