Wireless XB Live Not Working


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Hi All,

Looking for help configuring router, ehternet bridge and/or XBox live network settings please!!

I have a standard unchipped UK Xbox and a Netgear DG824M. Plugging the Xbox into this...NO problems, logs into live in mere seconds, never failed.

However, got sick of the cables so bought the Netgear ME101 wireless ethernet bridge. Plugged it all in, configured the bridge to connect to the router (via WinXP Pro), but as soon as I try to connect to XBLive I get DNS errors, anyone know the score here?

Tried manually setting the DNS servers with the details from Pipex, not joy. Tried setting manual IP addresses...no joy, what am I doing wrong...any advice?? Anyone else using this setup had similar problems?

Look forward to hearing from you,



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Hmmm... Sounds like you did everything right.

A couple of things to check...

Pipex were having some DNS problems recently. Perhaps their DNS servers stopped responding between you trying it wired and wirelessly? Yes, I'm clutching at straws ;). On my Blueyonder connection I've got 3 DNS server addresses, but the Xbox only allows me to use 2. If this is the same for you, you could try putting the 3rd (unused) DNS address ito the Xbox.

Also, is your gateway IP address correct in the xbox's network setup? This should be the LAN IP address of the router.

Make sure the bridge & xbox's static IP addresses are in the same range as the router but all different - they should all be the same except for the last set of digits. On some routers, you can't use .254 as a LAN IP address.

Check your security settings. On my system the bridge is in a DMZ (de-militarised zone), so the firewall completely bypasses it. Your router config pages will be different, but it should simply be a case of putting the bridge's IP address into some box labeled DMZ on the security / firewall page. The Xbox Live ports should be mapped through to the Xbox's IP address (these can be found in the communication faqs on the Live section of the xbox.com site). This is why I've set my network up so the Xbox and bridge both have static IP addresses - you can't map ports to a dynamic IP address.

I found that it's not necessary to mess about with MAC address cloning - just let the bridge and Xbox keep their original MAC addresses.

That's about all I can think of. Hope you can crack it.


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Thanks Mr_Belowski,

I'll try this when I get home tonight.

I'm also going to see if I can connect to the internet on my laptop using the bridge rather than using the normal wireless setup.

I'll also try and search Netgear's online knowledge base.




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Hi All,

Just wanted to let you all know (if you were interested!!) that this is now working...simple in the end.

I didn't have all the correct MAC addresses setup in my Router under the "allow trusted PC's only" section.

As soon as I di this the Xbox connected to live with the automated setting's in the router, bridge and Xbox live network setting's.

Played a few games of PGR2, badly, last night, and no difference at all between wired and wirelessly as far as I could tell.

Thanks for all the help.....how people without IT knowledge manage to do all this I'll never know!!!

SJC AKA RustNeverSleeps

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