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Wireless usb adapter or powerlines?


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I have just purchased a new computer (desktop) and realise that it doesn't have a wireless card (must read specs more closely!!!)
I have spoken with the retailer twice today and got conflicting info, so I would be grateful if anyone could help.
The router is in the hall connected to the main BT point. Desktop is in diningroom (approx 12-15 ft away). Modern property so wiring is good. One guy told me to go down the Powerline route and another told me a USB adapter will do the job just fine. Any reccommendations on which road to take and which make. Its really a minefield for someone like me, there is so much to choose from. I have a wireless card (2 years old) in my present desktop which I suppose could be installed in the new computer but I don't know if I could manage to fit it. So, I'm hoping to take the easier option with the help of more experienced people than me!
Thank you


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I'd always go down the powerline route but USB dongles can be had pretty cheap.

Depending on your usage you could go for either.

The 200mbs powerlines have been on offer recently for £25. Good price.


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I like to thank you both for your advice. The 'tech guy' at the retailer suggested these, but when I rang back and got someone else they suggested the dongle! So conflicting advice confused me (it doesn't take much). The dongle man said if you have another appliance next to the powerline it could affect it (i.e. hoover) but I then thought if I am using the hoover, I cannot possibly be on the computer. Now off to search for powerlines at a good price. Thanks again.


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With decent wiring I've found my Powerlines to be more reliable/stable than any of my WiFi N devices. Living in the more cramped quarters of inner London where most neighbours have some form of WiFi device there's interference galore. I use Powerline as a preference whenever CAT5/6 isn't convenient in the house. If your residence is more remote then WiFi might work.

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