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I have an LG32LC2D TV (built in freeview) along with a DVD player. No Sky, Cable or anything else

I have read a number of catalogues & various threads but don't fully understand what various senders / receivers actually can & can't do and how to go about setting up what i actually want, if it can be done.

What I would like isa second tv in my bedroom to receive its signal without cables.

Whats the best way of doing this?
What equipment do i need?
What equipment do you reccomend incl. 2nd TV around 19"

Can I use the DTV out scart for this?
Will the 2nd TV be independant of the 1st, or will i have to watch whats on the 1st tv?

Would be grateful for advice, options, pros/con etc in plain english

Thank you
If you really can't/won't fit an aerial cable to the bedroom (likely the cheapest and most flexible option), then the next best is:
A Freeview STB beside the main TV, connected to the aerial and to the TV's aerial in;
A cheap video-sender, with the scart output of the STB fed to the sender's transmitter unit;
And the sender's receiver unit connected to the scart input of your choice of TV, which need not have a digital tuner built-in in this application.

Doing it this way;
the main TV need not be on, as would be the case were that the source for the sender;
you can have different channels selected for each TV;
you can control the STB (via the video-sender's remote relay - most have this) from the bedroom.
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if u dont want sky/cable etc then i wouldnt bother with the av sender etc just wire it up :)

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