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Hi guys,

Looking for a bit of advice - I have read through some of these threads but to be honest most of it goes over my head! I want to buy my other half a pair of wireless surround sound headphones for xmas. He is very techy and a little has rubbed off but sadly not enough yet!

Budget is up to £200 and I have been looking at the Logitec G930's which are USB. These would be great for gaming and for watching movies through the PC (I think!) but they won't plug into our amp. Would the Sennheiser RS170 be better for both? I have seen reviews saying they mess with wireless internet?

Our audio setup is PC connected to Yamaha RX-V559 amp with dolby digital 5.1 surround, we also have Sky, Wii and X-box connected to the amp. Just to complicate things we have all those devices connected to TV and Projector (I know that doesn't affect the sound but just emphasises how complicated it all is for an AV newbie like me!)

Would greatly appreciate any opinions, and apologies for the rambling question! Now just hope he doesn't see this post as he is an avid AVforums poster!

Cheers. :blush:

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