Wireless surrond sound amp?

Hi all,

I must firstly say i am by no means an expert, so please excuse me if my question seems very stupid!

I currently have a Toshiba DVD/Dolby Digital 5.1 all in one set-up. We have had it about 3 years and have been very pleased with it.
But we are moving shortly, and my wife has asked me to see if its possible to buy a dolby digital/dts receiver with wiresless speakers? so we dont have wires to worry about

Im talking the lower end of the market here, our current amp cost £250 3 years ago and we wouldnt want to spend anymore than that if possible.

Many Thanks in advance,



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generally you find all in one setups use the wireless speakers.....not aware of any normal AV amps with wireless ability built in....possibly some wireless speaker sets have devices you plug in to the pre-outs on a suitable amplifier.......

dont forget as well that wireless speakers still need power, each speaker will need its own mains socket nearby on the wall, so there is still a cable, however if the sockets are close then you wont have cables trailing all over the place ;)

edit: oh, and for your budget i'd be very surprised if you could buy a fully wireless setup.....possibly the rear speakers might be wireless....but thats most likely going to be a cheap all in one setup or PC speaker setup....


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I found that when setting up wireless back speakers on a Panasonic all-in-one system for my father in law that it interfered with his Broadband wireless network and then the back speakers hissed a bit. Maybe cheaper/easier/better quality to hide the wires under the carpet.


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and most of the surround wireless speakers I've seen AREN'T wireless. They still need to be powered by mains, which rules it out for my front room as there isn't a power socket on one wall :(

I'm even thinking of going for a virtual surround system, no where as good as full surround, but might help.

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