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    I have just bought a Sony HT-CT660 soundbar and have bit of an issue with the wireless subwoofer.

    At high volume levels, the system sounds great, as long as the bass notes stay very loud or stay off. My problem is at normal listening level and below.

    The wireless sub seems to "sputter" bass out in an annoying way when there are small ambient bass sounds and some speech, which in many movies is like 75%+ of the time. It's kind of like the wireless signal from the bar to the sub requires a certain amount of bass to register and initiate the sub. The transition from uninitiated to initiated, however, is not smooth, resulting in a cutting in and out of small bass notes in a choppy, sputtery sound. A rapid succession of tiny bass notes which does not stop until the bass in the media increases or completely stops.

    If I could blast bass like a rave every time I watch TV, then perhaps I would never hear this, but I've got a neighbor with a common wall that I respect. I could turn the sub off or the bass down to the absolute minimum, but then why have a subbed soundbar? I've tried to tweak every setting possible to smooth out this transition, but have been unsuccessful. I've Googled like crazy, but I can't find this specific issue. To me, this is definitely a flaw and not a matter of taste/opinion.

    If someone could provide any insight or solutions, that would be great and highly appreciated. Otherwise, this soundbar system will go back and I will forego a replacement with a subwoofer.


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