Wireless streaming MP3 for the garden?


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Hello all,

I was wondering whether anyone knew of a portable stereo type device that had wireless support for streaming mp3 from a PC?

I'm well aware of the Squeezebox, Roku, Sonos etc... boxes to do this in the house; but I was after something that I could carry out into the garden to listen to !!

Any ideas?


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You mentioned Roku, I know.

But what about the Soundbridge Radio. Has wireless support, stereo speakers and subwoofer all in one package.

Downside is mains only.



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I've used my PDA coupled with some headphones for this kind of thing. I have a compact flash wireless network card for it and then you can link to a playlist on the computer in the house :)


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As yet, I don't think there are any battery powered players available, leaving you with the Soundbridge Radio, Acoustic Energy Wifi and the Sony NAS-CZ1 being the only 3 with built in speakers.

Edit: PDA option mentioned above is a good idea though


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Thanks for the info guys; looks like I may have to rig up a plug outside and go for a powered option - haven't looked into any of the others but £300 for Soundbridge made me go eekkk !


Get yourself one of these and plug it into your PC:


All you need then is a portable FM radio in the garden.

I have one and plugged into my MP3 player it has a range of well over 20m.

It's tuneable across the whole FM band so no interference from local radio stations and lasts for 3 days continuous on 3x AAA batteries (I tested it!) or plug into DC supply.

True you have no control of the PC but do you really want to pay the £££££ price to be able to do that?


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Hmm, interesting - looks like I may be better off wiring up some speakers outside or going for the FM transmitter gizmo.

Cheers anyway guys.


do it from a psp if you have one. if you dont buy one there cheap now. takes about 2 mins to do in the psp section of the forum if you search theres a link to a site that tells you how to do it.


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CaptainC said:
wiring up some speakers outside

Glad i don't live next door to you. At least I hope I don't live next door to you!

Seriously though, depends how peaceful your neighbourhood is (was) and how loud your music is. I would love to listen to my music through speakers out in the garden but I know that it would irritate the hell out of everyone else and whilst that could be fun in the short term I'll go for long term harmony - Thank goodness for headphones.


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I have a pair of Bose 151 outdoor speakers mounted over my back door. They're powered via a speaker switch from my kitchen stereo (a TEAC CR250).

The sound quality is pretty good - you'd be surprised at how quickly the sound 'drops off' outside. I can listen at a decent volume <3m from them but at >5m they're really not that loud. No complaints from my many neighbours so far but I live in London and there is a lot of noise even behind thew house.

Speakers cost &#163;90 second hand from eBay (probably ex pub) and the speaker switch is a B-Tech one about &#163;15 from CPC.

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