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Wireless Storage



Has anyone used or have a wireless storage system?

I am looking at some form of file server that I can put in another room of my house (i.e the attic space), but I do not have network connection or a pc in the attic.

So I have been looking at something like the Iomega Storcenter Wireless storage.
The main use for this will be for the storage of my DVD collection and I will want to access this via my HTPC.

How do movies run over a wireless network?
Would the transfer rate be quick enough for playback, or will I get bad sound/picture?




Standard Member
i never managed to get dvd's to play back properly over a wireless link...

its been fine on 100mb cat5.

also, how hot does your attic get?

i was going to do the same (even ran the wires up there) but its so hot in summer i doubt a computer would last for long with out crashing...

I also have to say, have you not thought about just using a pc with a few disks in???


Thanks for the reply,

You have confirmed what I was worried about.
Nevermind plan B it is - lay some cat5 and put the storage in the garage

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