Wireless speakers ? or Receivers?


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I need speakers and this time would go for wireless option.

Mainly I'll be streaming from the laptop & sometimes from Android device(mobile phone) . Hence not interested in airPlay

I like flexibility, therefore it could be good if speakers can be plugged in 3.5 mm plug/USB to the laptop and create a really good sound and also can be wireless but I can sacrifice on quality a bit.

I limited my choice to two options:

1) Buy good (3.5 mm plug) speakers + a receiver like Belkin HD Bluetooth Music Receiver with NFC Technology: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

+ This will give me a flexibility of moving my laptop around the house without dragging the receiver all over the place

- Is quality going to be horrible?

2) Buy speakers that go with the adaptor, that I can plug into my laptop(e.g not into the speakers as in option 1)

Deluxe Indoor & Outdoor Wireless Speakers: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics or

NEW FOR 2013 - Indoor & Outdoor Premium Wireless: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics (this ones you can hang on the wall for example in another room)

+ Speakers will use some it's own wifi , that should be better than Bluetooth

- I have adaptor connected to my laptop/Android(mobile phone)

-Seems to me that adaptor needs a power supply ...

3) I really like these speakers Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 Hi-Fi Stereo Computer Speakers: Amazon.co.uk: Hi-Fi & Speakers , but looks like they are only USB (no 3.5mm). Is there any receiver adaptor for such speakers like in option 1? All the adaptors I came across they use3 .5 mm plug, so looks like I won't be able to connect these speakers wireless if I need to? Maybe there are some options I'm not aware of? Is 3.5 better than USB for sound (usb doesn't look like a popular option)?

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