Wireless Speaker System


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Hello All,

Im looking to install a wireless speaker system into the home, but have space for a wired sub if required.

Currently have a Sony Bravia LCD TV, Sky+ and a Wii. Would like the system to have DAB and also be able to accept an SD Card input. Not bothered about iPod etc, however bluetooth capabilities would be great but again not essential.

Dont require a blueray or dvd player but if it happens to be part of one then fine. Colour needs to be black (with possible dark silver accents) to match rest of equipment.

Speakers to be wireless and preferably small so they will be discrete.

Rough budget between £300 and £600 but could find more if required to suit needs. Prefer something from Bose but can't seem to find anything that quite fits my needs.

Welcome any advice, thanks.
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