Wireless solution for underfloor heating cabling


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Hi all,

Just realised I forgot to pull two cables from one of my underfloor heating manifolds heating controller to my boiler room. :oops:
One cable would be for boiler control (volt free output) and the other to tell the main pump (in boiler room) to come on (230 V max 6A). In both cases it’s just relays that open and close so hope it will be possible to use some wireless solution.
The main reason I would like to go that route is because it would take a lot of work to pull these cables (take down plasterboard already taped). The distance between both locations is about 50 meters (a U shaped stone barn).
Can anybody recommend a system?:lease:




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I have been investigating some options on this, the honeywell hometronic system may fit your needs. May be worth giving Neilball a PM, he is one of the heating men on here.



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Hi Johan

Unfortunatley the total distance is a problem for the Honeywell kit (and most RF-based controllers) as they are limited to around 25-30m through conventional building fabric and your barn is likely to have much thicker walls than most "normal" buildings.

If you could get cables part of the way to get within the range limitation this may be an option although you may decide that having gone that farm you may as well go the whole way.


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Thanks for your reply. :smashin:
Going part of the way with cables would actually be easier in this case because there are two height changes in the building. Pulling the cable through those would be a lot more difficult & I would have to remove quite a lot of plasterboard in those areas.
I think I have your telephone number somewhere, we met at the NEC in Birmingham a couple years ago, will try to give you a call.



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