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A friend has recently had sky broadband installed and has been running fine using a wired connection, but they have recently bought a (cheap) laptop that runs windows xp and has a wifi card built in but they couldn't get it setup with Sky, so i said i pop round and do it for them thinking it would take about 5 mins, 1 hour later and i still couldn't make it work!

Hopefully someone knows whats up as i'm out of ideas. here's what i'v done thus far: i've run the Sky setup cd which didn't seem to install anything, just told you where to plug everything in :rolleyes: at the end of the install guide there is a pdf file that vaguely explains how to setup wireless. It says your wifi card needs to be set to channel 6(whatever that is(after much clicking i found where you change the channel)) and that the ssid must be xxxxxxxx so i changed that as well. I also used all of the information that is found on the bottom of the router including selecting the correct security(wpa iirc) but the laptop will not find the netgear router(or any other for that matter, but i dont know if any neighbours have a wireless network). According to the system properties the wifi card is installed correctly and should be working.

Any ideas? have i missed something obvious? next time i go round i'm going to take my laptop with me which has wifi(and i know works) to see if it picks up any networks which would then make the wireless card in my friends laptop faulty


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if its not finding any networks have you turned on the wireless switch on the laptop.
do you realise if you change the SSID that sky tech support would no longer support you technically.
the security should be set to WPA-PSK.
if you cant find any networks.
access username:admin password:sky wireless settings left hand side and ensure that there is a tick next to enable wireless access point.
and also that the wireless light is on the router. but sounds like wireless light isnt switched on the laptop


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Cheers for that, i'll give them a try. I don't think that there is a (physical)switch for the wifi on the laptop, but if there is and it's set to off i'm going to feel a right idiot!

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