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I have been using a wireless sender to distribute my Sky+ to the LCD monitir in my bedroom for the last year.
Although the kit is not a well known name (Freeline) it has been excellent performer and sends a stereo signal through 9" walls no probs.

my problem recently is that I have installed a wireless router to allow full WiFi network of all my computers and now my Sky+ is unwatchable in the bedroom.

Admittadly the manual for the sender clearly states that 2.4ghz is used by WiFi and may cause interference.

I was therefore wondering if anyone knows of a sender kit that will work side by side with my WiFi.

I have tried changing WiFi channels but to no avail

Any help please would be appreciated



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I initially had the same problem with mine (Philips VL1200)... I set the sender channel to 1, the router to 11 (or 13 if possible) and moved the two boxes at least 2m from each other...


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Thanks SimonO

I don't have a choice of channels on the sender unfortunatly and changing channels on the router doesn't seem to mae any difference.
I am not in a position to move the router because it is in the loft above our bedroom and so wherever it goes it is no further away.

Doh !!!:mad:

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You could try moving the freeline receiver slightly and seeing if this helps. Somrtimes the interference is electrical rather than RF.

I have a AEI digsender that goes crazy if it is moved 10mm closer toward the router in another room. It may be worth playing around and seeing if this would be a solution.

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Managed to remove the interferance on mine by placing the reciever on the floor under a metal set of shelves, which seemed to shield it somewhat from the router which is about a meter away. Going to play some more this week to try and improve the pq a little but I'm mainly using it to watch tv in a little transparent window on top of what ever game I'm playing on the PC so pq isn't a major issue. :)

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