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I read an article a few months back where the FBI cracked WEP in 3 minutes with software available on the internet. I use WPA and was wondering whether this is still considered a lot safer.


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The truth is any wireless network can be hacked if somebody really wants to. All you need to do is make it hard enough that it is safe from your general computer geek, who just want to steal you internet connection for free. Chances are if you use any sort of security WEP or WAP then that will stop most people bothering and they will look for an easier target.

A more secure way to lock down wireless is to lock the access point/router to only allow certain MAC addresses of the devices you want to use. But even this is hackable.

The rule for thumb is it will never be 100% secure so just make it secure as possible!

(P.S. all this comes from experiance. I am a computer programmer for a living and have writen packet sniffing software in the past)


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Only problem with that is that the router will broadcast the MAC address to receive appropriate recipients. This means easy MAC cloning so I don't bother.

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