Wireless router & wireless PCI card advice please



Getting Pipex midi soon and I need advice as to which wireless router & wireless PCI card I will need to buy for my desktop PC. I will be using the modem supplied by Pipex (don’t know what this is as yet), or is it better to use an all in one router & modem?

I want them to have a reasonable range (25 metres or so) and good signal strength, and they must be able to cope with a download speed of up to 8MB.

Also will my wireless system conflict with the two digital cordless phones I will be using?

Thanks in advance


The modem supplied will be a USB type, these cannot be connected to a router.
Best bet is to throw it away and get an ADSL modem router with wireless (one box), see if Pipex can do one first (that way they have to support it).


:thumbsup: hi , i have just done the same to my pc and have a mate who told me to get a router and pc card from 3com. i did and can get a signal up to 50mtrs away with no interferance at all and it will cope upto 10meg easily. hope you get sorted stratagem....:hiya:


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Avoid using USB 2 with wireless routers as there is a big performance hit when transfering big chunks of data over your network. Internet is ok.

You'll notice it if you have other devices connected such as wireless mouse/keyboard or webcam via USB.

Use PCI or PCI express nic cards.

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