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Discussion in 'Networking & NAS' started by Matt s 76, Jan 29, 2009.

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    Since buying a pair of laptops my wireless router has got very unstable. it regularly looses connection, goes to local access only or limited service.

    It was fine before I upgraded. I used to have an xp based latop but the new ones are on vista. They are acer 5735's with an internal intel wifi wireless link 5100 wire adapter. The router is a linksys wrt54g v7 with the latest firmware.

    Both laptops have issues at the same time and the wii also gets a new expirey time on the dhcp clients list suggesting it os dropping out too.

    Is it just fluke the router started playing up soon after i upgraded the laptops or is it something else?

    If the router sounds like it's on it's way out can someone reccomend one. I've seen a netgear one in comet for about £40.

    Buy NETGEAR G WIRELESS CABLE ROUTER AND USB | Router - Specification | Comet

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