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I am trying to setup a wireless setup for my laptop. Virgin Media sent a standard modem that can only be connected via earthnet cable. I was told via a well known retailer that all I have to do is buy a wireless router and connect that to the cable modem and basically - bobs your uncle. I spent all day yesterday messing with this wireless router. I can connect to the wireless router but cannot get internet access.

I was reading on the internet and from what I have read, you need the Virgin router plugged into a pc to allow you to get a laptop etc wireless - is this true please?

I have just one computer in house which is a laptop but really want to be able to use the laptop wireless.

Could someone please help me and if it is possible, what wireless routers are best to use with Virgin, do they replace the standard Virgin router or do they add onto it please?




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Can you post up what router you've got, make and model ?

It's easiest to set up the router using a wired connection to start with as there's a lot less potential problems, then once it's set up you can then link in via wireless. Once your wireless connection is set up and secure the router just has a wired connection to the cable modem.

Most wireless routers will work with Virgin, I use a Linksys WRT54GL but have used Belkin, Netgear and DLink in the past.

Have a read of Chetnet article on sharing Virgin with more than 1 PC for some info.
make sure the network lead from the modem goes into the internet port on the router. Also restart your modem too. that should get you to get basic internet on the virgin but you want to set up security on it so noone can use your internet. So its best to log on to the router afterwards and set up security

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