Wireless Router and VISTA


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just sent my buffalo router back it was rubbis couldnt get a stable wireless connection. anyway looked at a netgear one ( im on Virgin media) and it said its compatible with windows 2000/XP but no vista. does this matter because people have told me it will work with vista but im unsure


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Routers do not need to be compatible with a particular Operating System - they are PC Operating System Agnostic. How on earth do people think that they work with devices that don't run Windows? (Macs, Palms, Linux, Web Pads, etc., etc.) So buy the Netgear if that is what you want.

I have not idea why someone has suggested a different router, maybe they should expand their post a little. I have found Netgears to be easy to set up, reliable and good value for money.


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If you google for the DIR-655 you will find that the router has got the maximum positive feedback / reviews for a router in it's class..

Good range
Plenty of options in the menu..

I am using one myself and I can tell you it's the best router I have purchased till date...


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Google is becoming the new Wikipedia - in the pejorative sense. I have read so much rubbish as the result of Google searches I would not trust it with the time of day - unless referenced of course.

Although the DIR-655 has more function it is considerably more expensive. You pays your money ......
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I concur with my beerhunting colleague.

TrustedReviews gives the DIR-655 only 7 out of 10 - Link not too brilliant!

And it (TR) estimates the current price of it to be about £84.39, so it looks like it's out of your price-range!

Personally, I can't rate Netgear kit highly enough - I is liking it a lot....

Hope this Helps!




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The review on TR is more than 1.5yrs old and the firmware updates after that seem to have fixed a lot of issues (at least for me)..

Keep an eye on Fleabay as they go for cheap and it should be no problem buying from Fleabay as the router come with 11yrs manufacturer warranty.

But make sure you get the original receipt from the seller if you plan to buy it from Fleabay.


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yep - no need for Vista support in a router:smashin:

get whatever suits your price point - Ive used Netgear since ive been on the internet:smashin:


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just make sure if you get a modem router, its for cable use, again another + for netgear I use N router and it works great


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I can thoroughly recommend the linksys WAG160N for that price range. Most stable wireless signal i've used in a long time.

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