Wireless router/adsl modem recommendations needed


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Jul 14, 2000
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I'm about to take the plunge and get ADSL ( bulldog primetime2000 most likely).

I've spent a little time on ADSL guide to fathom the ins and outs of the hardware.

I've got 54g wireless nics in all 3 of my machines so ideally want a 54g wireless router. The only solution I can find off the bat is ...buffalo airstation 54 and a seperate modem like the X-modem or similar.

The idea is to provide net access to the three machines on my wireless LAN.(potentially 4 soon) Gaming would be desirable on my main machine and I want to incorporate some sort of wireless solution for my Xbox at a later date.

I'll have a further look round in the meantime but I'd appreciate some other suggestions or heads up about potential pitfalls.

Try the Belkin Modem/Wireless ADSL Router (available from PCWorld for about £100). This is not only an ADSL model but also a 4 port router (with firewall) and a 54g wireless hub. Very easy to setup.
Thanks for the heads up guys . The netgear is only an 11b job , I'd prefer the router to be 54g to makew the most of the 54g cards already intsalled in all my machines.

Will have a shufty at the belkin one, I'm not big on belkin but the 54g nics in my machines are all belkin ones and they work fine.
The Netgear DG834 is 54mb - check the link in my previous post :lesson:
ah mright you are many thanks....looks good ....positive reviews.
I've had three routers over the last few years and the netgear 834g is bar far the best and the eastiest to setup.
Many thanks just ordered the netgear from amazon ( it was the cheapest mugsy!)
Hmmn - I've had the 834G now for some weeks. For some reason it doesn't seem able to hold a connection for longer than a day (broadband by Zen) or so.

I have not yet been able to figure out if it's my XP setup but surely that shouldn't affect the routers connection? I run Overnet and have experimented with various max connection no.s (50, 75, 100, 150) but no change.

Zen recommended I drop the MTU size to 1350 but it still drops the connection (usually when I'm away for a weekend).

Has anyone else had problems? Thinking maybe I need to replace it.

Also, a bit off topic but I was wondering if anyone has managed to get MSN videoconferencing working through NAT - I have to use my static IPs to get it to work even though I tried port forwarding.

Alos the Netgear doesn't allow simultaneous use of NAT and Static IPs. Thinking I should have gone for the Draytek Vigor instead (which does).

Haven't tried msn video but have sucessfully used remote assistance which also requires dynamic port opening.

You could allow server assigned ip's (dhcp) and then once established the netgear router allows you to save that ip as machine specific. I do this on my network as I'm using a pda to connect to xlobby on my "server" and its saves me altering the connection details.

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