Wireless rear speaker for exisiting Yamaha 5.1 receiver


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I currently have a Yamaha 5.1 receiver with front L&R, Centre and sub connected.

I haven't installed any rear speakers yet as I don't want wires all over the place.

I know that you can buy wireless rear speakers but these seem to be part of a kit - Samsung, Sony etc complete setup.

Is it possible to just but wireless speaker to connect to my existing setup and if so could someone please provide a link ?



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You can get wireless systems but most will have a central receiver so need a power cable to this and then speaker wire from this to the speakers so hardly wireless. A good one will be a £100 plus (considering you are purchasing an amp as well as the wireless tech you can see why it is going to be costly) and even that will reduce sound quality from the rears. There are many ways to route cable around a room i.e. D line truncking, under carpets etc. which would give better sound quality and be cheaper.
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