wireless problems on imac

richard plumb

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Whenever I start up my mac, whether from cold or from sleep, it doesn't automatically connect to my wireless network. It always needs some proddign from my by opening the prefs and pokign around.

Its a hidden network, so the mac won't pick it up on a scan, but I have it listed in my preferred networks list (its the only one in the list)

Is there a problem with the preferred networks not connected to hidden access points? Will it only connect if the airport has it listed?

Any suggestions? Its annoying at the moment but not too bad, but will be once my wife starts using it seriously. I dread the moment I'm at work and she calls up, and I try and guide her through 'blind'.


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mine can take up to 10-20 secs on most days from a sleep, restart. So if you leave it at the beginiing will it auto connect, or u getting the dreaded not connected to the internet?.


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Mine's been doing that a fair bit lately and I'm hardwired to my sky adsl modem ... not sure if its the netgear or sky's backend or the 10.4.10 update ?


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