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HI Guys, not sure this is the right place or not as my question could be considered hardware/software or device specific. ANyway, here goes:

I am running a Samsung Galaxy Android on 3 and I would LOVE the ability to be able to click print and have the paper copies waiting for me at home when I arrive, this would be handy as I use my device for work as does my wife (same phone/network as me).

So I need to buy a printer that's suitable, any advice as I am not sure what to look for, would software make ANY printer work, do I need a wifi printer, or what?.

At home I have a DLink DNS-323 NAS which is always plugged in, it has a USB slot, but this is only for port forwarding to a pc (which won't be turned on), I have a Belkin Modem/wifi Router and I have a TPLink Network switch. I do have network points throughout the house (if needed), but guessing that wifi would be the way to go?. SO once the hardware is in place, what software would I use? to allow me to print from anywhere?.

I am only using this for text etc, so not after all singing/dancing laser printers if possible.

Well, that's the challenge, any advice/tips from anyone who's done anything similar?

Many thanks,

This should be possible, I run cups on my linux server at home and I'm able to remote print reliably when I'm away using my laptop.

Surely there's an android app that can achieve this.
There are various possible solutions. Printbot for android contains the drivers but has limited file type support. There are also various cloud solutions such as cloud print. You could also buy an eprinter, such as the HP email range where you email documents to your printer. IMO if you are buying a printer the email printer solution is easiest.

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