Wireless portable speaker(s)


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Hi all,

Just looking for some advice really.

I'm thinking of getting some kind of wireless speaker that I can move from room to room in the house.

I'd like something that will play music from my iPad/iPhone/Mac, but it would be nice if the speaker was battery powered.

I like music loud and with plenty of bass, although I know bass is always going to be restricted with small speakers.

So far I've come across two that I think kind of suite what I need. First is the iHome iW1, wireless, battery powered and airplay, but I'm not sure how loud this will be. As a comparison I have a set of Behringer 2x20w speakers attached to my PC which are loud and have plenty of bass for me. Does anyone know how the iW1 compares?

Second is the Sonos Play 3, reviews say the sound quality it better than the iW1, but it's not battery powered, and you need a seperate wireless adapter to play music wirelessly, which is more of an expense.

Are there any alternatives around the £300 mark?


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You got any type of make you want


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You got any type of make you want

Not really to be honest, I'm not really into the hi-fi scene so I don't really know what brands are good ones apart from the obvious.

As long as sound quality is good, loud enough, and doesn't sound tinnie like computer speakers can sometimes sound.


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Hope you dont mind me joining this thread

My father is hard of hearing & sits quite a long way from the TV

Believe me an LCD TV is not designed to run volume at 99%!!

I would like to set up wireless speakers near him for comfort & would welcome any comments as to their effectiveness

Can I assume the "transmitter" can be connected to the phono left/right output of the Sky box?


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