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    Getting my heating system replaced in my house within hopefully the next 2 months, wireless around my house has always been terrible even with a decent point on the end of it, for back history my BT point and router are upstairs at the front of the house, moving it is not a problem just deciding where to was thinking perhaps the loft in a small cabinet and then running telephone sockets to required rooms, no one uses landline anyway but just be worth putting one somewhere say living room.
    Back on track though what I was thinking was laying a couple either Cat-5e or Cat6 cables in the floor was going to do 2 runs one in loft and one in the middle floor to eventually punch a whole through and mount wireless points on the ceiling in the centre of 2 floors, I was thinking maybe the Cisco white units that had led's on the front can't remember off hand model but know they did a good N unit that we used to use at my old place and they where bullet proof majority of the time.

    Does anyone think this would be aesthetically pleasing or would there be a better option?.
    I have solid thick brick walls so needs to be something decent.

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